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North Jersey Community Center of the Deaf, Inc.

Here you will find a tremendous amount of information about our non-profit and charitable organization. North Jersey Community Center of the Deaf, NJCCD, was established in 1976 by the late and beloved founder, Morton Grand. 


On November 1st 1978, this club became incorporated under the state of New Jersey as a non-profit organization. 


NJCCD has been around for 40years and it would not be possible without the efforts of our wonderful members to keep it strong!


This club strives to continue enhancing the welfare of the deaf community. The members are what makes the club continued to stand strong. The members work hard with each other to host various of events such as WINGO, The Price is Right Affair, Summer Picnic, Holiday parties and many more exciting events. 


NJCCD also supports deaf atlethic teams. NJCCD currently sponsors several teams in New Jersey. 


We welcome deaf, hard of hearing and aspiring interpreters who are of 18 years of age or older to join and get involved with our club! 


Who's on the board?


Jorge Soto SR.


Jorge Soto Sr. is a diginfied member of the deaf community. Some may say he is a very wise man with a big heart. He has years of experince hosting fundrasier events for his deaf softball team. He has been a coach for his own softball team numberous of times. He is an all around freindly man and always looking for improvements in the deaf community. He is commited to continue improving this club and making it stronger than ever!


Ronald Rozynski


Ronald Rozynski has been a dedicated member of North Jersey Community Center of the Deaf for several years along with his wife. He has a great sense of humor and brings a smile to everyone's faces as he walks into the room with his witty jokes. He is also a human calculator! He has a natural born talent with bookkeeping and finances. NJCCD has been fortunate enough to have him as a treasurer with us for several years. He is committed to increasing NJCCD 's funds and using it wisely as well as donating to various charities, organizations.

Temp Secretary
public relation

Michelle Benenati-Soto


Michelle has been heavily involve in Deaf community/NJCCD since she was little girl along with her Deaf parents are also involved. She has a passion to engaging with people including advocate, deaf interpreter, and more! She has wonderful skills such as organize, typing and make sure all are good to go which that's why she became secretary. She also a vlogger for NJCCD with her positive vibes and high energy! 

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